Side Hustle For Teens To Start Making Money

20 Side Hustles For Teens To Start Making Money

By: Ian Golightly MBA

When I talk to older adults in their 60’s and 70’s many of them spoke of having a job as a kid by doing a paper route, working on the farm, babysitting, and more. Believe it or not, these side jobs still exist and are still accessible for teens. I remember my first side gig in 7th grade, I detasseled corn one summer, and my 2nd gig was in high school, where I helped lay carpet.

Taking a job at a young age made me appreciate money, and it took hard work to earn it. In today’s era, teens have more opportunities to earn money more than ever. On top of that, side hustles will help teens learn about entrepreneurism. The side hustles listed down below may provide a few hundred or even thousand dollars for teens. Even better, if they stick with the side hustle for the long haul, it may turn out into a legitimate business.

The one significant benefit is the low barrier of entry that any teen can get started if they want to. With enough effort and time, the payoff could be much larger than expected.

Side Hustles For Teens:


An ideal side job for teens is a money-making opportunity outside during school hours. Later in the afternoon or evening jobs are great. Here is what I believe would be a great fit:

1.Dog Walking: Teens can get their steps in with this side gig. It’s an excellent source for exercise if keeping an active lifestyle is needed. Most dog owners in professional fields don’t have time to walk their dogs. It is an excellent opportunity to make easy money. Start by walking dogs from the neighborhood. Doing so; would teach kids how to find customers and also provide customer service.

2. Sell Clothes Online: Selling already owned clothes or going thrift shopping is an excellent way to make some cash. There is value in learning about the reseller market and how to ship products to learn basic logistics concepts. Selling on different marketplaces like Craigslist, FB Marketplace, and eBay is a good start.

3. Advertise On Your Vehicle: Suppose you have understanding parents or have a car that you own. In that case, this is an excellent opportunity to earn cash without doing much labor. Real estate agents and also insurance agents need local advertising.

4. Landscaping: Being a landscaper is far more than just cutting grass. During warm and hot seasons, cutting plants and making the lawn look nice is just a tiny part of landscaping. During the winter seasons, landscapers can also do snow removal.

5. Teaching A Class: Don’t think you’re too young to do something. That is the worst mindset to have. If you have a particular skill, you can make money teaching that skill. If you are good at art, then teach a group class. If you are great at yoga or know about training at the gym, there is a need for that.

6. Selling on Etsy: If you are creative and hands-on with making your products, Etsy may be a promising avenue. The great thing about Etsy is that it’s a platform where consumers look for products to buy. Starting at a young age is a great way to introduce e-commerce.

7. Scooter Charging: There are electronic scooter companies like Bird who are willing to pay people who will charge their scooters. When I used to work in downtown Nashville, TN, I would watch people load scooters in their pick-up trucks to charge overnight. Depending on your city, you may have access to these opportunities.

8. Cell Phone Repair Service: If you know how to fix cracked screens or replace parts in a phone, there is a market for these services. During an entrepreneurial retreat, I met a guy from the New York City area who built a service company that would go to businesses and repair on-site. Consumers loved that because it was one less trip they had to take, especially during a busy day.

9. Cleaning Service Business: If you like to apply a little bit of elbow grease, this may be a good option for making some significant cash. Some adults get caught up in the work-life where they don’t have enough time to clean their own home routinely. Also, potential home sellers need to make their homes tidy before a home showing. Just a thought, a real estate agent may be able to help get you started.

10. Fiverr Gigs: The platform is an excellent marketplace for teens to dabble with freelancing. Fiverr was built for small gigs that cost $5. However, as talent got better over time, Fiverr shifted and allowed gigs to be any price set by the servicer.

11. Become a virtual assistant (VA): Everything is turning digital! With the pandemic, the traditional work-in-the-office ideology is transitioning. Since many organizations are having their employees work in the comfort of their homes, small businesses are doing the same thing. Being a virtual assistant may be an option.

12. Book Flipper: A book flipper is a person who buys books low and then sells them for a higher price. Selling used books can be resold through a few channels like: FB Marketplace, FBA (Amazon), and eBay.

13. Social Media Manager: The new wave of teens is understanding tech and social platforms than adults. Businesses are willing to pay to keep their social media feeds active. As feeds continue to overflood platforms, businesses’ strategy to stand out among the rest will make you more valuable. If you want to start small, asking local mom and pop establishments may be a good viable choice so they can stand out among their direct competitors.

14. Hauling Junk: If you have a pick-up truck or a trailer to haul junk, you’ll be surprised what jobs you can land. Look up the story behind 1-800-Got-Junk, and you’ll be amazed how it all started. Even yet, the company is now a $100M+ a year cash cow.

15. Blogging: Wise Gravy is a blog that you are reading. If you can write easy-to-follow grammar (7th or 8th-grade level), then you can blog. Building a blog is a hub and spoke of opportunities.

16. Be A Professional Gift Wrapper: I was surprised to hear that legitimate businesses in certain areas wrap gifts, especially during Christmas. Gifting happens all year round, and wrapping a gift does take talent. Even though they say it’s the thought that matters, so does the presentation.

17. Auto Washing & Detailing: If you have experience and the talent to car wash and detail, this is an option for a great side hustle for the weekend. You may be able to provide a ‘mobile’ service, so consumers don’t have to travel anywhere. I’ve also seen individuals locally who have converted their garage into a car wash and detail station. You may need help from your parents, but it isn’t impossible.

18. Babysitting: I’m not a fan of the term ‘babysitter’ because an adult should accompany anyone under 13. So, if you are 14 years old and above, this may be an opportunity to make some serious cash. Many parents have events or even date nights they would like to go to later in the evening. However, they may need a little assistance to have their kids supervised for a short bit. A good starting point is to talk to friends, family, and neighbors that you are open to babysitting a few evenings on the weekdays or even weekends. You’ll start to get some transactions in a matter of no time.

19. Computer Repair Service: For tech-savvy teens, here’s a great opportunity! Finding customers can be found through marketing efforts, and the rewards can be significant. Parents may need to help and provide some guidance.

20. Selling Old Electronics: Many consumers throw away old electronics, and they may be gems and not trash for someone else. There are people out there that enjoy the nostalgic ownership of old electronics. Some are collectors, and some enjoy using old electronics. Either or, there is still money to be made.

Which Side Hustles To Choose?


There are many side hustle opportunities out there, and teens need to consider what side hustles they would like to do if they are serious about making money on the side. The bottom line is that the most challenging step is just getting started and staying committed. If you as a teen are reserved for the long haul and can scale the operations, you may have a sustainable business on your plate.

But first thing first. Just start.