Aye! I’m Ian Golightly.


I started this site after a year of graduating with my MBA in 2021. I learned how to save and build money for a business in graduate school but not for myself! Coming from a lower-class family, the only way I could get out of the vicious circle was to get an education.

Being raised by a single mother, personal finance was not discussed in the household. When I was young (high school), I remember talking about investing to my mother, and the response I got was that investing is a GAMBLE!

I didn’t listen, and I opened my first IRA account that I self-invested before graduating high school. That’s when I started to teach myself slowly about money and finance.

When I started at Illinois State University, I wanted to double major in accounting and business administration. During the economic collapse, those were brutal occupations during 2007-2008, so I decided to pursue the medical field.

Fast forward a handful of years working in the medical field, I decided to pursue my MBA. As I mentioned, MBA programs teach students how to manage money for a business, but it doesn’t teach you how to manage money for yourself.

With the busy world around us, it is effortless to lose yourself managing your personal money for the future. For those reasons, Wise Gravy was born.

Wise Gravy Is Here To Help:


The goal of Wise Gravy is to have you take 1 hour a month out of your personal life and to think about your personal finance. To be truthful, personal finance is very dull, and it’s like watching a turtle cross a road (SLOW). Ultimately I want readers (you) to take the time to read the posts and question how they can it be relatable to you.

I understand this blog will not shift and create a revolutionized way for personal finance. Still, Wise Gravy will provide you with information to see things from a different perspective.

Overall, I would like to build a community by influencing readers to start thinking about their personal finance on their own and not taking advice on what their ‘retirement planner’ from their employer tells them.

Benjamin Franklin

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